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The Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP) has been charged with the mission of preserving cultural heritage by rehabilitating historical neighborhoods and traditional buildings throughout the Bethlehem District.  Established by Presidential mandate on 14 April 2001, the Centre is entrusted with continuing the rehabilitation efforts started by the Bethlehem 2000 Project.  As a semi-governmental organization, CCHP is committed to its mission of providing a sustainable mechanism for the protection and management of cultural heritage resources in the Bethlehem District and to enhance awareness about the value of cultural heritage in the public conscience.

Through the programme "Job Creation through Rehabilitation" which aims at decreasing the percentage of the unemployment rate through preserving the cultural heritage, enhance the role of the local organizations and develop the local community, and preserve those traditional, historical and valuable buildings, the CCHP has been able to rehabilitate more than 25 traditional buildings in the District for adaptive reuse as youth centres, health care facilities, women foundations and educational units by non-profit local organizations in the project's area.

Within this context, the Bethlehem Fair Trade Association (BFTA) has applied to be allowed to occupy the property of Dar Al-Bandak Rehabilitation project in Al-Anatreh Quarter in Bethlehem and use it as a world wide operation center for its activities in furtherance of its objectives and in the interest of the community, and as it falls under such category of non-profit organizations the BFTA is now utilizing Dar Al-Bandak building for ten years free of charges for the benefit of the community.

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We are extremely blessed for the opportunity to be able occupy our present facility. This offers us the privilege to assist our clients and customers in a modern updated building in beautiful historic Bethlehem.

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