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  • Fair trade principles are central to BFTA’s philosophy, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our artisans, employees and co-operatives operate within these principles.
  • BFTA creates market opportunities for local artisans, enabling them to sell their products at fair prices, both regionally and internationally.
  • BFTA raises funds for different projects to directly benefit the artisans. Profits made by BFTA are used to provide training resources.
  • BFTA believes that providing fair economic opportunities and employment will discourage further emigration from the area.
  • The development of skills and knowledge is fundamental to ensuring the growth and success of the artisan community. As well as training, BFTA builds relationships between international organizations and the artisans. In order to create a sustainable future for our community, BFTA aims to create long-term commitments with international organizations and partners that will foster trade outside of the current markets.



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