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Groups Visits to BFTA

BFTA receives various groups from around the world for open house visits, including solidarity groups and tour groups. At our office and showroom, they are briefed on BFTA’s history, vision and daily activities. They are then taken on a tour to different artisan workshops, where they are given a chance to see how products are made, to buy products directly from artisans, and to hear the stories behind each artisan. This strengthens the relationship between artisans and internationals, provides an opportunity for internationals to hear feedback from artisans on BFTA, and offer opinions on new products. Finally, groups are taken to our warehouse, where they can see the complete inventory of handicrafts, and make purchases. We love having this chance to connect and share our vision with international groups.

  •     May 2011 French solidarity groups
  •     May 2011 Holland solidarity group-OOTS
  •     June 2011 Italian group



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