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World Fair Trade Day 2014: Fair Trade People

World Fair Trade Day 2014 Press Release FinalFair Trade consumers and producers are the drivers of the growing Fair Trade industry.

Fair Trade producers and the people buying their products are the real drivers of the growth of Fair Trade. Backed by promoters, advocates and hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the globe, Fair Trade has become the leading movement promoting social justice today. World Fair Trade Day, on 10th May is a global day to celebrate this.

In six continents around the world World Fair Trade Day will be celebrated, led by members of the World Fair Trade Organization. From the Pacific islands to the Andes, Palestine to Bangladesh, Mongolia to Kenya, seminars, hunger banquets, fairs, concerts and drumming, and Fair Trade fashion shows mark the day to celebrate ‘Fair Trade People.’ Every year, this is the biggest Fair Trade celebration on the planet.

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