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What does BFTA stand for?

BFTA stands for Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans

Who works for BFTA?

Suzan Sahori is the co-founder of BFTA and the current executive director. She conducts meetings with visitors from all over the world and is in charge of the  organization.

Shatha  Bannoura is the main accountant, and financial project manager. She is also in charge of fundraising projects for the organization.

Lana Qumsieh is the database manager. She works with all artisan and products, orders being exported, and invoices.

We have volunteers working with BFTA all throughout the year.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade began, to help all kinds of producers in developing countries to have better working conditions and they are given a higher price for their products. Fair Trade also maintains the rights of equality to workers and attempts to keep them on a steady ground to support their families.

Why is it better to buy through BFTA?

BFTA follows the Fair Trade principles and is intent on giving the artisans equal rights. BFTA takes only a small portion of the money for operational cost.

Where do we receive funding?

Most of our support comes through solidarity associations and friends. We also get funding from different projects.

How can I buy Palestinian Fair Trade crafts?

You can buy Palestinian fair trade crafts by visiting our online shop

How do I know if my product is really Fair Trade?

We are a trust worthy organization, if we didn’t believe in the fair trade principles we wouldn’t have gone through the effort to build this organization. BFTA is a grass root company that began with the workers of Bethlehem and surrounding areas by going to visit and speak to artisans about promoting and marketing their products in a fair way.

Is it possible to buy directly from the artisan?

One of our goals at BFTA is to have our customers know the artisans (producers). We believe in people to people engagement where buyers can not only buy products, but see and meet the artisans.

Does Fair Trade cost more than a non Fair Trade item?

The prices are very competitive and in most cases will be less than a non Fair Trade organization.

Can I volunteer?

Yes. BFTA always needs volunteers, especially with different languages to help promote in other countries. Click here to learn more about volunteering at BFTA.

How can I support Fair Trade?

By contacting BFTA, or similar companies that prescribe to the fair trade concept. You can support fair trade in many ways. Informing your friends and families of the importance of fair trade and insisting that all purchasing are done through fair trade organizations. Donations are encourage and welcome, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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