Craft Village

In 2016 BFTA embarked on a journey to create an exciting new experience around Palestinian Fair Trade. So, through BFTA’s donation network we renovated an old deserted home in the beautiful old city of Beit Sahour to serve as a vibrant center (Craft Village).You will go through the Craft Village that will give you the chance to learn about Palestinian handicrafts , you will meet the artisans , work with them and enjoy a beautiful scenery. 

Our vision for the Craft Village is to employee more women and students of special needs to allow them to earn a fair amount of money to help support their families and be more involved in the Palestinian society .

Through the Craft Village we produce more prototype designs to open new markets for our partner producers trying to generate them more income in order to positively impact the Palestinian economy.


BFTA Fair Trade Craft Village Tour:

You have many different ways you can tour BFTA’s craft village: a customized day tour, two or three hour tour or you can also just come visit and shop at the gift shop during opening hours. 

*All tours are applicable for both groups and individuals. 

Our suggested one day tour: 

1. Start at the Craft village – where you will be introduced to Palestinian fair trade, how BFTA implements fair trade principles and the amazing architecture of a traditional Palestinian home in the heart of the old city of Beit Sahour .

2. Continue with a tour of BFTA’s craft village to see local Palestinian artisans creating samples of their crafts, displaying the effort, precision and creativity they put in to each and every single craft. This magical experience allows you to come face to face with our artisans to hear their stories and receive a glimpse into their way of life.

3. Join creative Palestinian women a wonderful cooking experience. Enjoy the delicious Palestinian cuisine with the opportunity to watch a traditional Palestinian folklore (dabkeh) dance, you can also join the dancers and learn some great moves. You will be able to dine in our amazing dinning roof with a mesmerizing view on our roof top.

4. Finish your day off at BFTA’s fair trade gift shop where you can buy anything your heart fancies, from small recycled items to large, beautiful olive wood masterpieces. Everything sold in the gallery is a handmade authentic Palestinian craft made by one of our fellow artisans.

Our Craft Village is your Fair Trade destination in Palestine – If you are in Bethlehem do not miss it, we will make your experience exquisite and memorable .